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About the club 

Spalding folk club has been running continuously since 1979 - and a couple of the original members are still coming along.  We aim to have a good time, encourage local performers and to present the best professional guests that we can afford. There has been a strong tradition of songwriting from many of the residents over many years, including awards at the  “Write a Lincolnshire Folk Song” competition.  Despite this, most of the regular performers have a repertoire of traditional material as well. 

To visit the archive of the club's history since 1979, including almost every guest, all the changes of venue and organisers, and a few other things beside, click here.

The club meets twice a month in two different formats:


On the first Wednesday every month the main folk club meets at the South Holland Centre with a booked guest. Doors open at 7.45, and music is from 8 to 11pm. Floor singers are always welcome. There is an admission fee, usually  £10, though you can get a discount by becoming a member (£5 a year, starting in January).  
Click here for venue details 

On the third Thursday every month there is a singaround at the Welland Yacht Club. There is no admission charge (just a raffle) and anyone is welcome to sing, play, tell a story or perform any other way they like. There’s even a bit of space for dancing now and again. Usually 8pm start. 
Click here for venue details


In addition there are a few fringe events, which although they're not formally part of the club, are put together by more or less the same people wearing different hats. Or  different clothes altogether some of the time.

Firstly, there's a monthly tune session at the club's old home, the Lincoln Arms in Bridge Street.  This typically covers a bit of anything anyone wants to play, English, Irish, Scottish whatever and occasionally might run to one or two songs as long as they're in G.  By default this is on the first Thursday (but see above) but now and again moves to make way for darts nights and such. Usually 8pm start. Best check with the pub before setting off or go on the mailing list. 
Click here for venue details


Zoom session - this takes place on the 2nd and 4th Thursday evenings each  month, and despite having been started as a kind of emergency measure during the lockdown it's still thriving. If you would like to take part just get in touch by email  

Shanty night - this takes place at the Lincoln Arms on the last Thursday of the month and is hosted by Colin Hayes and Chris Gordon. It isn't just shanties, any song with a big chorus will do.  Everybody welcome, 8pm to 10 pm.

No Frills ceilidhs - these are suspended for the foreseeable future.

Plus - from time to time we get invited to play at local events, such as village hall concerts, church concerts, fairs, summer fetes, private parties and so on. We can provide a variety of singers and musicians, including the Slapdash dancers, to suit different occasions.  If you are interested in arranging such an event, just give Liz Padgett a call  on 01406 381399 or email us at  Details of public events coming up are on the News page.

There’s a committee keeping the show on the road, which consists of:

Chair: Dany Dalley
Secretary: Elizabeth Padgett
Treasurer: Martin Browne
Events: Colin Hayes
Publicity: Paul Dickinson

The committee has never been known to hold a meeting but very occasionally they do call an Annual General Meeting where various good or bad ideas get put forward, somebody maybe resigns from the committee and then everything carries on as before. As a last resort there is always the constitution to refer to. 






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