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After a ten year stint as secretary Dany decided to hand over the reins of power to Elizabeth Padgett who formally took over in March. The Ship Albion had been the club's home for longer than anywhere else but for a couple of years already we had been permanently confined to the small front bar and had to compete with the juke box from the other room and the telephone on the bar which seemed to be programmed to always ring during the quiet numbers.  It was time to move on again.

1999 is also memorable as the first appearance of the young Miranda Sykes, a solo performance and the first of many here, both on her own and with different collaborators. 

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Kelly's Heroes
Theme night - Lincolnshire songs
Damien Barber
Hilary Spencer
Miranda Sykes
Tony Wilson and Mick Roberts
Buz Collins
Marilyn Middleton Pollock
Tania Opland and Mike Freeman
Akmed's Camel

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