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Guests 2021/22

South Holland Centre, 8pm start


Wednesday December 1st

Alistair Russell and Chris Parkinson

Visit their website


Wednesday January 5th



Wednesday February 2nd

Andy Wall

Andy is a fine singer and guitarist from Ely with an eclectic repertoire, including some folk club favourites and some surprises.

Visit Andy's Bandcamp page


Wednesday March 2nd

Over the Moon

Award-winning vocal and instrumental duo from Alberta. There seems to be a limitless supply of old time/folk/country bands coming from Canada and here's another fantastic example. Don't miss!

Visit their website


Wednesday April 6th



Wednesday May 4th

Mike Freeman and Tania Opland

Mike and Tania have been regular visitors to Spalding over many years, renowned for their versatility, both instrumentally and in their choice of material. 

Visit their website