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The back room at the Ship Albion was great for big nights and there was even room for dancing to the Old Parrots. It even wasn't too bad for the thin nights, like the time only ten people turned up for the excellent Brian Peters. But the pub regulars were already starting to grumble and now again if there was a darts match or something good on TV we would be unceremoniously moved to the crappy front bar which was split into two halves with the performers one end and the audience at the other, with the bar in between. Though this might have seemed like the beginning of the end, it was to be several years before the end finally arrived for the Ship. One important thing in its favour was the landlord's preference for the after hours lock-in.

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Rolling Crones
closed in favour of Whiskey Priests concert
Jim Couza
Brian Peters
Dave Wilson
Derek and Ian Rushmer
Kate Abbott and Mark Addison
Nostalgia singaround
Alisha Sufit
Old Parrot Band

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