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Bizarrely, the last minute cancellations continued into another year. Dave Wilson and Kip Winter stepped in for Bill Whaley and Dave Fletcher (who thereby missed their sixteenth appearance) and gave a brilliant performance, one of their final gigs in the UK before their extended tour of Australia and New Zealand in 2017.  

In May Colin Hayes decided to step down from running the singaround, feeling he had earned a rest and might be running out of insults. He didn't disappear completely and and carried on running the raffle on club nights. Paul Dickinson took over, with Liz Padgett assisting. 

6 Jan

3 February

2 March

6 April

4 May

1 June

6 July

3 Aug

7 September

5 October

2 November

7 December

John Dipper and Dave Malkin

Sam Kelly and Jamie Francis

Kim Lowings and The Greenwood

Mick Ryan and Paul Downes

Dan McKinnon

Dave Gibb

Greg Russell and Ciaran Algar

Joe Topping

Tom McConville

David Francey

Damien Barber and Mike Wilson (replacing Sara Grey and Kieron Means)

Winter Wilson (replacing Bill and Dave)

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