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Penny Sykes' song The Boston Dame was the winner in the Lincolnshire Song Competition (now run by Heritage Lincolnshire after all those funny goings on at the BBC with competitions and phone-ins) and proved that songwriting in Spalding was still alive and kicking. Here she is on YouTube performing the song at Spilsby theatre on the night of the competition.   

This year we ventured into the new world of social media with our very own Facebook Page, where people could even say if they liked us or not.  This was all thanks to Paul Brightman who thought of the idea and then was bold enough to put his mouse where his mouth was.

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Sam Sweeney and Hannah James
Better Late Than Naked
Brian Willoughby and Cathryn Craig
Pete Coe
Dave Swarbrick
John Conolly
Pete Morton
Dave Burland
Trio Threlfall
Damien Barber and Mike Wilson
Sarah McQuaid
Miranda Sykes and Rex Preston

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