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In an attempt to woo the Tulip Time tourists, the club organises a ceilidh at the South Holland Centre with the Old Parrot Band on Saturday May 3rd. No tourists turn up whatsoever but everyone else has a good time.

Mrs Ackroyd in October is our best ever canine performer, wags her tail, cocks her head on one side and best of all, doesn't bark. 

For many years the club enjoyed a monthly newsletter, modelled partly on Boston folk club's The Minstrel. Here's one from April 86 probably written by Dave Houlden.  And here's the Christmas 1986 edition, words probably by Chris Dickinson with illustrations by Den Smith

Dave Whetstone and Jean Pierre Rasle
Jenny and Tony Dunbar
Johnny Coppin
Jon Scaife and Patti Reid
Cathy Lesurf and Bill Martin
House Band
Bill Whaley and Dave Fletcher
Steve Turner
Les Barker and Mrs Ackroyd

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