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In May the club moved back to its original home at the White Lion, now under new management and minus the barking dogs. In November the first singaround took place, more of a tune session with the occasional song at that time, and prompted by the landlord's accountant who wanted to have the folk club running every week if possible. This became a regular feature on the the third Thursday of each month thus making the club a fortnightly event, which the accountant thought was an  acceptable compromise. A ceilidh at Crowland British Legion Hall in May with The Old Parrot Band raised £183 for the Nic Jones benefit fund. Founder members Alan and Maggie Wood bowed out in 1982, but John and Penny Sykes carried on as sole organisers. 

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Singers night
Paul Metsers
Geoff and Pennie Harris
Tom McConville and Keiran Halpin
Eddie Walker
Nic Jones benefit ceilidh at Crowland
Singers night
Alex Atterson
Singers night
Captain Pernod's Random Band
Derek Brimstone

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