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Martyn Wyndham Read's Songlinks 2 project was officially launched at Cecil Sharp House on 17 April and the club was pleased to be able to sponsor one of the tracks, performed by local heroes Bill Whaley and Dave Fletcher. This year was the first of several Lincolnshire Harvest events at South Holland Centre, showcasing some of the best local talent and rounding off with a concert with the Miranda Sykes Band. During 2005 the club went on the road, performing at Frampton village hall, Corby Glen sheep fair, Helpston fair and at a special event in December to preview the newly refurbished Ayscoughfee Hall in Spalding. And we had another tasty array of monthly guests. 

5 Jan
2 Feb
2 March
6 April
4 May
1 June
6 July
3 Aug
7 Sept
5 October
14, 15 Oct
2 Nov
7 Dec

Tom Napper Tom Bliss
Pete Coe
Mark Newman
John Wright Band
Waking the Witch
Steve Tilston
Bob Fox
Theme night 'songwriters dead or alive'
Tom McConville
Bram Taylor
Lincolnshire Harvest at South Holland Centre
Ron Trueman-Border
Allan Taylor

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