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After a huge crowd turned up for the brilliant Huw and Tony Williams it was apparent that the Poacher wasn't up to the job. On top of that, there were large crowds of young farmers in the next door bar, so the background noise was not far different from the old White Lion and the barking dogs. John Sykes came to the rescue by approaching the Ship Albion where there was a large room which even had a stage - the only problem was that it was not available on a Thursday. Beggars couldn't be choosers and so the club became a Wednesday night affair which it has remained ever since.

This year saw the start of the Radio Lincolnshire Song Competition, an idea suggested by Dany Dalley after the regular competition at Beverley Festival was discontinued. Although the radio station expected it to be a one off event, it  proved so popular that it is still going strong and celebrated its quarter century in 2017. Most years there has been at least one Spalding performer in the finals. At this first event Dany's own song Forgotten Harvest was joint runner up with John Sykes' Heartbeat of the Fens.

Damian Barber
Lee Collinson
Witcham Toll
Annie Williamson
Rag Trade
Hand on Heart
Pete Coe
Bill Whaley and Dave Fletcher
Brian Peters
Derek and Ian Rushmer
Marilyn Middleton-Pollock

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