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Those who arrived at the Lincoln Arms in January for the singers night found they were turned away - December's guests Pyewackett, who had brought their PA, had upset the landlady by making too much noise and the club was on the move again. The pub opposite, the White Horse, welcomed us for one evening, squeezed into their tiny back room. In Feb the club re-opened in the unlikely surroundings of the Market Room at the White Hart, which was at that time the town's upmarket Trust House Forte hotel. No old bus seats here, gilded chairs instead.

In May, the club  was invited to join the Spalding Flower Parade, and took pole position on top of the Michelin bus which went ahead of the main parade. This was a regular feature for the next seven or eight years until we were replaced in the early nineties by Die Apfeltizers oompah band. It was great when the sun was shining but in other years playing Buffalo Girls in the rain for four hours was not so good.

After six years, John and Penny decided to step down from doing the organising and in September Paul Dickinson and Mike Stevens took over.

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Singers night at the White Horse
Bill Whaley and Dave Fletcher
Graham and Eileen Pratt
Eddie Upton
Maurice and the Minors
Ceilidh with the Old Parrot Band
Dab Hand
Pete Castle
Jez Lowe
Kipper Family
Sara Gray and Ellie Ellis
Bluegrass Express

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