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For the first time ever, we were hit with a wave of last minute cancellations, but were very lucky to find great replacements, often at very short notice. Pete Morton drove up from the South coast after being contacted at lunchtime and gave us a terrific evening.  Top man!

7 January

4 Feb

4 March

1 April

6 May

3 June

1 July

5 Aug

2 September

7 October

4 November

2 Dec

Brian Peters

Alistair Russell and Chris Parkinson

Jeff Warner

Red Moon Road

Luke Jackson

David Francey

Pete Morton (replacing Union Jill)

Artisan (replacing Greg Russell and Ciaran Algar)

Fred's House (replacing Stuart Forester and Carol Anderson)

Sherburn and Napier

Maria Dunn

Edwina Hayes (replacing Archie Fisher)

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