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No major changes this year with some old favourites on the guest list as some sparkling newcomers. The club nights continued to attract new people in the swanky South Holland Centre, so the venue was clearly a positive despite complaints about the noise from downstairs (and the exorbitant cost). Spalding On The Road ventured into new territory with an appearance at Holbeach Church Arts festival as well as the other regular invitations, and the income from these gigs lived up to their name and did indeed keep the show on the road. 

6 Jan
3 Feb
3 March
7 April
5 May
2 June
7 July
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Bob Fox
Sara Grey and Kieron Means
Mike Freeman and Tania Opland
Bob McNeill
David Newey and Christi Andropoulis
Anna Shannon

Bram Taylor

Miranda Sykes and Jennifer Crook

Anthony John Clarke

Jez Lowe

Winter Wilson

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