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2019 was a significant year: In April the No Frills ceilidh celebrated  its 10th anniversary (with home-made cake, naturally). And the folk club proper reached its 40th year in May, marking the occasion with a special concert featuring Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman.  But 2019 was also the last Year of Normal: little did we suspect what was coming round the corner...

2 Jan

6 Feb

6 March

3 April

1 May

2 May

5 June

3 July

7 Aug

4 Sept

2 Oct

6 Nov

4 Dec

Singers' Night

Alistair Russell and Chris Parkinson

Miranda Sykes

Anthony John Clarke

Jez Lowe

Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman

Phil Hare

The Mile Roses

Archie Fisher

Bill Whaley and Dave Fletcher

Steve Turner

Kelly's Heroes

annA rydeR and Sally Barker

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