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Sometime in early 1980 the barking dogs got to be too much and the club made the first of its many moves, this time to the Horseshoe Bar at the back of the Pied Calf in the Sheepmarket. In May some intrepid performers ventured out to entertain the crowds at the annual Flower Parade with a mummers play. In September the local paper the Spalding Guardian carried the first edition of what became a regular feature for the next ten years or so, "Folk Scene" written  on this occasion by Penny Sykes, although John later took over the authorship. 

This is the year records began and the guests were:

July 3
Aug 1 
Sept 5
Oct 3
Nov 7  
Dec 5

Eddie Walker
Singers Night
Matthews Brothers
Singers Night
Bob Pegg
Mike Soar and John Guy

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