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Although there were plenty of good nights musically, audiences were dropping off and there were rumblings of dissent about  the quality of the venue, too hot in summer, too cold in winter. And, ominously, the landlady had bought a dog, a sure sign of trouble if history was any guide.

Folk On The Road continued to flourish with, amongst other outings, a St George's day show at Moulton Mill and another in the Ayscoughfee gardens as part of their Sunday concert series (the only one not to feature a brass band!). Our old friend Sheila Robson (now MBE) who had been such a supporter in the early days had a big hand in getting this invitation for us. 

The second Lincolnshire Harvest took place in October - the Michael McGoldrick band was generally judged an artistic success but the sell-out event was the double ceilidh with trusty locals Byard's Leap and the Old Parrot Band.

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Singers night
Martyn Wyndham Read
Miranda Sykes and Jenny Crook
Colvin Quarmby
Bernard Carney
James Keelaghan
Valerie Vaughan
Singers night
Useless Annie with Graham Pratt
Mike Freeman and Tania Opland
Lincolnshire Harvest - Michael McGoldrick,  John Conolly etc
Witches of Elswick
Cathryn Craig and Brian Willoughby

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