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In May we celebrated our 30th anniversary with the return of a favourite act from some years back, The John Richards Band.  They had come a long way since their previous life as Maurice and the Minors and amongst other things had appeared with Fairport Convention at Cropredy festival.  What a great night - here's to the next 30...

No Frills ceilidhs in Pinchbeck started up this year, the most fun you could have anywhere for only £2.50. Although not an official part of the folk club, the ceilidhs have tended to involve a lot of the same people, just dressed differently.

Perhaps encouraged by the fact that we now had our feet under the table there, The South Holland Centre began booking more folk acts, addding well-known international performers to the mix. 

7 Jan
4 Feb
4 March
1 April
6 May
3 June
10 June
16 June
1 July
5 Aug
2 Sept
18 Sept
7 Oct

4 Nov

2 Dec

Anna Shannon
The Hut People
Notts Alliance
Gilmore Roberts
The John Richards Band
Singers Night
Eric Bogle (SHC main stage)
Richard Shindell
Singers Night with The Beltonas
Dan Walsh
Lander Mason
Chris While and Julie Matthews (SHC main stage)
Archie Fisher

Fraser Nimmo

Bill Whaley and Dave Fletcher

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