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After heroic negotiations with the Centre management by our long suffering secretary Liz Padgett, it was eventually agreed that we could carry on using the function room for the time being. Despite the rapid demise of the Italian restaurant, there seemed no chance of a return to the lounge bar after the roof sprang a leak.  Despite the troubles with the venue Liz put together another sparkling array of guests, balancing some old favourites with some excellent new performers. 

5 Jan

2 Feb

2 March

6 April

4 May

1 June

6 July

3 Aug

7 Sept

5 Oct

2 Nov

7 Dec



Over the Moon

John Ward Trio

Andy Wall

Dan McKinnon

Between the Lines


Lizzie Hardingham

Odette Michell

Alden and Patterson

Chris Parkinson and Alistair Russell

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