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Despite the Old Parrots organising a bit of dancing in the previous December it wasn't quite like R Cajun and the smaller audiences were starting to rattle around in the Rugby Club. In the search for a better venue Dany hit on the Lincolnshire Poacher where there was a very small room normally used as a restaurant. The club opened there in April.

Towards the end of this year the Bell closed down, very sadly for the landlord John who had been a great supporter of the club. In December the singaround moved to the Welland yacht club. Over the years this turned out to be a productive liaison, with yacht club members coming along to hear the music (and perform), and various folkies learning to sail.  After the move Paul and Chris Dickinson took over running the singaround for a few years, just keeping the seat warm for Colin really.

FolkScene continued to appear in the Spalding Guardian, now written by Dany Dalley. 

Bill Whaley and Dave Fletcher
Pete Coe
Jim Woodland
Steve Tilston and Maggie Boyle (first evening at the Poacher)
Graham and Eileen Pratt
Derek Brimstone
Nostalgia night
Gordon Tyrall
Suzanne Chawner
Cherrington and Ward
Huw and Tony Williams

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