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Guests 2018

First Wednesday each month at South Holland Centre.

8pm.  Usual admission £6.

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Bill and Dave have Lincolnshire running through them like parsley through stuffed chine, and their trademark mix of beautiful singing, deft musicianship and hilarious banter never fails to entertain.

3rd January  Bill Whaley and Dave Fletcher
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Best known as the virtuoso guitar and fiddle players from the band Sheelanagig, they draw on their many influences to create unique arrangements of traditional music, as well as their own compositions. The live show is a musical journey through Europe, America and beyond, combining dazzling playing with a fine sense of musicality and showmanship. 

7th February  Kit Hawes and Aaron Catlow
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7th March   Merry Hell

Merry Hell are directly descended from Wigan punk/folk band The Tansads who achieved widespread fame in the 90’s, often being compared to The Levellers.  Expect some hard-hitting lyrics and infectious chorus anthems. The full 8-piece band you can see above includes full rock rhythm section - we're expecting a more acoustic version.  

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4th April   Pete Coe

Pete Coe is one of the founding fathers of the UK folk scene, and to call him multi-talented barely does him justice. He is a songwriter, band leader, organiser, singer and dancer but the sheer energy and vitality of his live performances are still what sets him apart from others. (You perhaps wouldn't think that from this picture!)

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2nd May   Alden, Patterson and Dashwood

Norwich based folk/Americana trio Christina Alden, Alex Patterson and Noel Dashwood weave rich vocal harmonies, fiddle, dobro, guitar and mandolin around beautifully written original songs and melodies. Their music takes influence from folk traditions from both sides of the Atlantic with uplifting instrumentals and self-penned songs depicting tales of young travellers, sleepy seas and their affection for home.

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6th June   John Conolly

John is one of the iconic figures of the folk scene, and what's more he comes from Lincolnshire (well Grimsby anyway). His writing covers the whole spectrum of emotion from heartbreaking to passionate, through thought-provoking and amusing to the downright rude. His enduring claim to fame is as the author of Fiddlers' Green, widely thought to be a traditional song, a rare achievement indeed.

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4th July    Pete Morton

Another great songwriter who has been a good friend of Spalding folk club for many years. While social justice is a frequent theme in his songs, he can also melt your heart with a tender ballad, and the anthemic and uplifting "Another Train" has been taken up by many other singers.

1st Aug  Reg Meuross

Reg’s latest album (his twelfth) is a collection of songs which comment bravely on life as he sees it, bringing wide ranging stories, from the ravages of austerity and the injustice of the plight of refugees, to some of most beautifully disarming lyrics ever written. Reg has that rare gift of being able to touch people through his songs and performance, on a really human level. 

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5th Sept   Zoe Mulford and Tom Kitching

Ace fiddle player Tom Kitching has recently teamed up US singer/songwriter Zoe Mulford with great results. Zoe sings of resilience, community and hope in times of trouble. and we could surely do with some of that at the minute. 

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3rd October   Cathryn Craig and Brian Willoughby

Brian was once a member of the Strawbs and Cathryn a Nashville demo singer.  Theirs is a musical partnership made in heaven, with Brian's dexterous and sensitive guitar work perfectly complementing Cathryn's creamy vocals. 

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Martyn is one of the national treasures of the folk community and his powerful and beautiful singing is an inspiration to many. He has a huge repertoire of traditional songs and has also been a champion of contemporary songwriters, such as the late Graeme Miles. What's more, he's a sincerely modest chap, always preferring to encourage others rather than impose himself. 

7th November  Martyn Wyndham-Read

5th December  John Kirkpatrick
Speaking of national treasures, here's another one.  John K is not only a renowned instrumentalist on all things squeezable, but a great songwriter, singer, morris dancer, member of several seminal bands and general collaborator with other musicians. He's been Musician of the Year at the Radio 2 Folk Awards and he holds the rarely awarded EFDSS Gold Badge for his contribution to English folk music. And he's a colossally energetic and entertaining live performer. For this gig he will be doing his seasonal Carolling and Crumpets show. 
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